Twenty years of experience led to the formation and foundation of GG3 Development, LLC. Experience built on community development, economic development, education and training. Professionalism built on quality, integrity and excellence.

- Gladys Payton, Owner

Welcome to Our Website

GG3 Development, LLC. strives to give clients the best possible construction services, aided by the services of subcontractors and suppliers whose standards include competitive prices and quality workmanship. This ensures quality throughout the course of the project. Fair and competitive prices, coupled with professional standards of excellence and honesty are hallmarks of GG3 Development, LLC. 

We perform a diverse range of services to meet the specific needs of its clients and their projects. The range includes construction of commercial office buildings, remodeling or tenant improvements, institutional and educational buildings, industrial facilities, medical centers, retail facilities, and fine homes; as well as complete construction management and administrative services.

At GG3 Development, LLC, we guarantee the highest quality construction services available today while treating clients with respect and attention to every detail.


1. Local Knowledge and Experience

2. Creative and Collaborate Delivery Approach

3. Safety and Risk Management First

4. Full Service Resources for our Customers

5. Face-to-face, Readily Accessible Management Style

6. Track Record of Delivering Projects on time and within Budget


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